Queer Life at IU

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Indiana University’s institutional commitment to LGBTQ+ support?

In addition to the LGBTQ+ Culture Center, which is a part of the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Multicultural Affairs, the campus also has a standing advisory committee that deals with LGBTQ+ issues that advises the administration on constituent group issues and concerns.

What does Indiana University do to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation?

Indiana University establishes itself as an LGBTQ-friendly campus by including the phrases “sexual orientation,” “gender identity,” and “gender identity or expression” in its primary non-discrimination statement and Equal Employment Opportunity policy and including sexual orientation and gender identity or expression in public written statements about diversity and multiculturalism.

Are LGBTQ+ issues and concerns and representations of LGBTQ+ people included in campus procedures and guidelines?

Indiana University includes LGBTQ+ issues, concerns, and representation in its grievance procedures, housing guidelines, admission application materials, and alumnae materials and publications.

What housing options does IU offer LGBTQ+ people?

Residential Programs and Services (RPS) provides transgender and genderqueer students the option to be housed in a space that aligns with their gender identity/expression. RPS provides multiple restroom options in their living areas, including floor single-occupant restrooms in Teter and McNutt and in-suite restrooms in Briscoe, Union Street, and Willkie. Gender-inclusive public restrooms are also available in most buildings.

RPS also partnered with the LGBTQ+ Culture Center to open the Spectrum Thematic Community in 2015. The community is open to returning and incoming students who identify across gender and sexuality spectra. Students will have the opportunity to explore the development of identities, related social constructs, and historical and present culture. The Spectrum community will allow students to live on a floor that validates and supports LGBTQA+ and ally individuals.

How does Indiana University address LGBTQ+ campus safety concerns?

Indiana University’s Incident Team follows a clear and visible procedure for reporting bias incidents and hate crimes. The Incident Team provides support to the victim, outreach prevention for future incidents, and protocol for reporting hate crimes and bias incidents.

Where can I find gender-inclusive restrooms?

We have a Google map of gender-inclusive restrooms that is updated regularly.

Is there a list of LGBTQ-friendly employers?

The Career Development Center does not maintain such a list, but its career advisors can assist you in researching queer-friendly employers. The Human Rights Campaign regularly publishes the Corporate Equality Index, which rates businesses on the inclusivity of their work environments.

I have more questions!

Please send us an e-mail message at glbtserv@indiana.edu or call us at 812-855-4252. If you’re visiting IU, we’d be glad to make an appointment with you to address your questions or concerns. And of course, you can stop in at the center any time. We are always happy to listen, provide information, and make recommendations or referrals.