Queer and Ally Student Groups

A discussion group for nonbinary people and LGBT+ women ages 18-24 attending IU, providing a peer-facilitated, confidential, and secure atmosphere. Contact Diana for more information.

Gender Warriors
A peer-led group for trans-identified and gender nonconforming students. Everyone from the gender spectrum may join. Confidential and private. Contact Quinn for more information.

GLoBal TAlks
Discuss issues of sexual orientation and gender identity with international and US students in a confidential, supportive group. Contact Saul for more information.

GQ (Grad Queers)
A social group for queer-identified graduate students and young professionals. Contact Don for more information.


A group for Jewish LGBTQ+ and ally students. Contact Josh or Jaylynn for more information.

Latinx Initiative
We recognize the complexity that exists in multiple identities and are a conduit for LGBT+ Latino students, faculty, and staff at IU to develop a support system, have fun, and explore opportunities to educate, advocate, and grow. Contact Danielle for more information.


A group for LGBTQ+ folks on the autism spectrum, meeting a few times each semester for support and socializing. Contact Marci for more information.

Men Like Us
Confidential peer support group for self-identifying GBQ+ and trans men and nonbinary individuals ages 18–25. Discuss topics such as coming out, relationships, faith and religion, and current issues. Contact Ty for more information.

National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association
We're here, we're queer, we're under deadline! The NLGJA and its IU chapter provide support, education, and networking for its members as well as resources for all journalists. Contact Sheila for more information.

Out at Kelley
O@K, the LGBT organization at the Kelley School of Business at IUB, emphasizes community involvement, business trips, and networking opportunities. Contact Ryan or Mike for more information.

Outlaw is the alliance of students at Maurer School of Law working to protect against discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender. Contact Elmer for more information.