Office Staff

Our Mission

The Indiana University LGBTQ+ Culture Center provides information, support, resources, mentoring, and counseling to members of the IUB campus and the larger community. We seek to do that through collaboration, education, and outreach in an attempt to create a climate where all members of the community are encouraged to promote and defend diversity.

Doug Bauder, Director

I have the privilege of coordinating the LGBTQ+ Culture Center here on campus. I work with some amazing people, including a group of students who teach and inspire me every day. As I think about what I enjoy most about working in this office, it would be the chance to help students realize their best selves. Year after year, I am reminded how gifted today’s college students are, and by offering a little support, I have the opportunity to encourage them to be honest, help them with class projects, or advocate for themselves—indeed, to realize their dreams.

My job is varied in that I get to serve as a mentor, educator, counselor, and friend. At times I write the letter of recommendation that helps someone land a job. It is an incredibly satisfying position—much more than a job. I look forward to coming into the office every day, and when the day is over, I almost always head home with a deep sense of satisfaction, and often times, a renewed sense of hope.

Contact Doug at or 812-855-4424.

Jamie Bartzel, Office Supervisor

I support the activities of the office: planning events and supporting student groups, ensuring that the office’s student workers and interns have plenty to do, providing content for and updating online information and resource lists, providing referrals—my tasks vary daily, but the office is always buzzing with activity. Students who come to the LGBTQ+ Culture Center are full of great ideas and a desire to make a positive change, eager for information—and I get to work with them each day! I love the constant influx of fresh perspectives and new insights.

I’m happy to answer questions and provide information to students, staff, faculty, parents, or community members—I’m here for you. No matter what your question or concern, I promise you will be treated with respect and dignity.

Contact Jamie at or 812-855-4212.

Emily Kidwell, Counseling Intern

Hi! I offer free counseling sessions at the Center. I’m so excited to be here, as my central passion as a counselor-in-training is working with the LGBTQ+ community. As a queer trans woman, and as someone with friends of various identities, I know how difficult life can be for us sometimes, and I’m looking forward to helping others in the community explore their concerns, develop effective coping strategies, and make changes in their lives and in the world. When I’m not at the Center or in class, I enjoy video games, board games, hiking, origami, and playing guitar. If you are interested in counseling at the Center, I look forward to meeting you!

Contact Emily confidentially at or 812-855-0916.